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Application Development

One of the most exciting aspects of the Internet is the ability to reach and interact with customers all over the world irrespective of time or location. The internet, ecommerce and social media has opened up a vista of opportunity to ignite converstations that lead to leads and sales online! The internet has also delivered on its promise to make business computing easier and more efficient through the use of centralized web based applications.

Cyber X Designs specializes in helping you discover where your systems and business can be improved through web based and interactive solutions. We work closely with your staff – collaborating on solutions that are cost effective and deliver maximum return on investment. One of our key approaches is to select, customize and rapidly deploy open source technologies to meet your business needs.

Why would we start with an existing, open source solution? Well, they don't call it rapid application development for nothing! By starting with a solution that has already been created, we can customize solutions and extensions at a faster rate for less money than starting from scratch. And, because it's open source, it's always being improved because programmers are also perfectionists. Open Source means that it's constantly in development by various programmers worldwide.

We've helped companies migrate from legacy green screen, Main Frame AS400 and System 32, applications to web-based data management solutions. We've helped companies organize their pay roll and accounting systems. We've built applications that allow for global input on the development of new products. We've built online travel and reservations solutions. We enjoy a challenge and seeing the result, a system that flows smoothly and improves productivity, gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling inside!

Our programmers are well versed in many programming languages including: PHP, MySQL, ASP, C, C++, JavaScript, Perl, XHTML, DHTML, JSP, Visual Basic, VB Script, Java, Java Beans, ActionScript, and, of course, HTML. And, we're fast and constant learners. In fact, our core team of programmers are intimately involved with the NYPHP society, a group that seeks to extend web functionality and ease local administration, so we're on the forefront of newly developing web technologies. It's our passion! View Our Application Development Portfolio