The Atlantus: This concrete ship was built during the steel shortage of World War I and served her country for one year. She was later purchased by a salvage company to serve as a ferry between Cape May, NJ and Lewes, DE. She broke free from her mooring during a storm and sunk on June 8th, 1926. Exit 1.

Google Maps and Google Maps Premier

Do you need to map your assets?  Do you need to map KOLs?  Do your customers need to search the locations of your assets or services? And do you want to embed those maps within your website enabling your customers and team to access the data in innovative ways? 

If so, Cyber X Designs has extensive experience creating innovative solutions using the Google Maps API.  Cyber X Designs has developed mapping solutions for real estate businesses, Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical companies and wireless carrier vendors.  Our innovative approach to mapping integrates traditional browser based views, Microsoft Excel and Google Maps to deliver your data the way the customer needs it.

Each mapping project has its own unique requirements.  We meet with our clients to determine the requirements and help them expand their vision to maximize the value of their data.  Once we establish the specifications, we build their custom application one of three ways: as a ground up custom application, integrated with an existing Content Management System or on the Zend Framework.  We use an iterative development process to deliver results fast and to make sure the final product fits your needs.

If you are looking to map something, contact us and ask for Hans Kaspersetz.

What is Google Maps API?

I am sure you have seen maps embedded in web pages.  Those maps are typically interactive and let you zoom in, pan and zero in on relevant information.  Well, one way to deploy those maps to a web page is using the Google Maps API.

The Google Maps API is a JavaScript based Web 2.0 technology that lets us embed Google Maps on a web page.  It is a set of programming interfaces that enable us to draw maps, add content to them and draw shapes on those maps.  The API also lets us query the Google servers to find addresses and data like Latitude and Longitude.  The maps that Google Maps draws are easy-to-use interactive maps that enhance your customer’s experience and provide access to your data to help them make decisions to purchase or contact you.

Google Maps API comes in two flavors: Google Maps and Google Maps Premier.  Google Maps is the free version of the Google Maps API.  It is useful if you are serving a low volume of public content.  Google Maps Premier is a paid version of the API that supports higher volumes and allows you to keep some of your content private.

If you have more questions about Google Maps or Google Earth, contact us.  Hans and Jeff are experienced with Google’s mapping solutions and can help you come to the right decision.