The Pulaski Skyway: Built in 1932, the Pulaski Skyway brings Route 1 to New York City via the Holland Tunnel. Considered the first "Super Highway," it\'s called a skyway because it travels high in the air to avoid interfering with the Passaic River, the Hackensack River and the New Jersey Turnpike. Exit 17A.

Healthcare Portfolio

New Jersey is a great location for working with pharmaceutical companies. Healthcare forms a large part of our portfolio.

Global Education Council

Global Education Council for Airway Disease

This website connects doctors and researchers with an interest in airway disease. The site features an online slide library that allows members to view PowerPoint slides online, download single slides or entire presentations. The site also includes forums and an event calendar that is region specific. CXD was responsible for the design and development of the site.


Global Asthma Physician and Patient Survey

We designed and developed this website for GAPP Survey, the first-ever global quantitative survey designed to uncover asthma attitudes and treatment practices among physicians and patients. The site uses flash.
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Hospira Specialty Injectable Pharmaceuticals Computer Selling Program

Hospira Specialty Injectable Pharmaceuticals Computer Selling program

This tablet PC-based program was distributed to all Hospira specialty injectable pharmaceutical sales representatives. In addition to detailed information about seven forms of delivery, the program features a full catalog of all injectable products and drugs currently offered by Hospira.

Sedline Brain Monitoring

Sedline Clinical Utility of Brain Function Monitoring

This interactive program developed for the tablet PC helps sales representatives sell the Sedline Brain Function Monitor made by Hospira. Using clinical data, this presentation clearly demonstrates the utility of such a device to monitor anesthesia during surgery.


Sedline Anesthesia Management

This tablet PC-based tool uses clinical data to prove that Hospira's Sedline Brain Function Monitors can help optimize anesthesia management. This program was distributed to Hospira sales representatives.

Global Education Council

Asthma Music Survey

This website, available in six languages, focuses on World Asthma Day each year and collects data from patients and doctors worldwide about their experiences with asthma. Respondants are asked to submit their favorite song title that references air or breathing. In return for taking the survey, users can download an MP3.

Ultane Sales Simulator

Ultane Sales Simulator

Ultane is the #1 inhaled anesthetic agent in the U.S. Abbot Laboratories was looking for an unique way to train its sales force on effective presentation of the printed materials while on sales calls. The Sales Simulator introduced the sales force to the printed material and helped prepare them to answer questions utilizing the printed materials. Built in partnership with Lowe Bozell McAdams, this interactive application won a 2003 Rx Club of America Award of Excellence.

Hospira Specialty Injectable Pharmaceuticals Computer Selling Program

ID Solutions

ID Solutions offered online courses for Doctors interested in earning CME credits for topics related to infectious disease. The website offered doctors the ability to register for a course and take it at his or her convenience. The doctor would complete a test online for credit. ID Solutions was sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

Anesthetic Building Blocks

Ultane Anesthetic Building Blocks Educational Game

Abbot Laboratories was looking for a unique field sales tool to effectively demonstrate Ultane's superiority in a head-to-head comparison with its competitors. The interactive nature of this educational game was a breakthrough in drug marketing that led to increased doctor/representative time. This presentation was delivered on a tablet PC and was developed in partnership with Lowe Bozell McAdams.

Discover Utlane for Obese Patients

Discover Ultane in the Obese Patient Tablet Tool

As part of the “Discover Ultane” marketing campaign, this interactive presentation focused on the use of Ultane in the obese surgical patient. It features a solubility demonstrator, an interactive, animated illustration of gas solubility in various tissues. This tablet PC-based presentation included a full case study of the use of Ultane in intra-abdominal procedures and was developed in partnership with Lowe Bozell McAdams.

Dicover Ultane Core Tablet Tool

Ultane Core Tablet Tool

As part of the “Discover Ultane” marketing campaign, this interactive presentation was used in place of the traditional printed marketing collateral. This presentation contains several case studies and references. This project was developed in partnership with Lowe Bozell McAdams.

Ultane Screensaver

Ultane Screensaver

As part of the “Discover Ultane” marketing campaign, Abbot Laboratories distributed this screensaver to its sales force. This screensaver was developed for use on Tablet PCs.



This medical education, medical marketing and medical speaker training company based in Colorado approached CXD to quickly redesign and develop their site.
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