The Pulaski Skyway: Built in 1932, the Pulaski Skyway brings Route 1 to New York City via the Holland Tunnel. Considered the first "Super Highway," it\'s called a skyway because it travels high in the air to avoid interfering with the Passaic River, the Hackensack River and the New Jersey Turnpike. Exit 17A.

Cyber X Designs is Near Exit 13A

If you find yourself at Exit 13A on the New Jersey Turnpike, you may be going to Elizabeth, Union County, New Jersey. Elizabeth was the first capitol of New Jersey and was the site of several Revolutionary War battles.

Today, Elizabeth is the home of Port Newark-Eliabeth Marine Terminal, one of the busiest ports in the world. The town is also famous (at least amongst people who regularly drive on the New Jersey Turnpike) for the number of petroleum refineries located there, pee eww.

At Cyber X Designs, we fully seaport (er, support) our products. We often walk our clients through not only the applications we have developed for them, but also those developed by others, such as Microsoft Word. Much like almost 80% of imported goods walk their way through the Elizabeth Seaport!

Famous People from Elizabeth

William Frederick Halsey Jr., Admiral
Judy Blume, Author

where is cxd located next exit

Exit 13A: New Jersey is a major seaport state with the largest seaport in the U.S. located in Elizabeth. What else is near exit 13A?