The face of Tillie, who once graced the now demolished Palace Amusements in Asbury Park, has been restored on top of The Wonder Bar. This famous bar once boasted of having the longest bar in the world, a claim that has been neither measured nor contested. Exit 102.

Cyber X Designs is Near Exit 38

If you find yourself at Exit 38 on the Garden State Parkway, you will be getting onto the Atlantic City Expressway on your way to Atlantic City, Atlantic County, New Jersey. What's not to love between the longest boardwalk and world class casinos? There is a lot to do in AC (as the locals call it), including shows, nightclubs, restaurants and, of course, gambling.

At Cyber X Designs, when a hosting client calls for technical support, a human being answers the phone. We provide detailed and accessible customer service. We never tell our clients to take a long walk off a, er, super-long pier, especially not the one in Atlantic City.

More Fun Facts about Exit 38
Atlantic City is where the street names came from for the game Monopoly.
Having a strong strategy is important to winning any game. Cyber X Designs will help you develop a marketing and deployment strategy to maximize your online efforts. And we love a good game of Monopoly every now and then!

New Jersey is home to the Miss America Pageant, held every year in Atlantic City.
At Cyber X Designs, we never judge a website purely by its looks. Just like at the Miss America Pageant, if it isn't smart, it doesn't matter if it's beautiful! And now, we will impress you with our stellar re-creation of the famous radish scene from Gone with the Wind.

Famous People from Atlantic City
James Avery, Actor
Dave Thomas, Restauranteur

where is cxd located next exit

Exit 38: Atlantic City has the longest boardwalk in the world. What else is near Exit 38?