The face of Tillie, who once graced the now demolished Palace Amusements in Asbury Park, has been restored on top of The Wonder Bar. This famous bar once boasted of having the longest bar in the world, a claim that has been neither measured nor contested. Exit 102.

Cyber X Designs is Near Exit 4

If you find yourself at Exit 4 on the New Jersey Turnpike, you will be near Haddonfield in Camden County, New Jersey. Haddonfield's main claim to fame is being the location where the world's first nearly-complete dinosaur skeleton, the Hadrosaurus Foulkii, was discovered in 1858. The dinosaur was named after the town of Haddonfield and it's discoverer, Victorian gentleman and fossil hobbyist, William Parker Foulke. If you venture to Haddonfield, don't miss the dinosaur sculpture in the center of town.

Our lead programmer, Hans Kaspersetz, has been programming since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. No kidding! Hadrosaurus Foulkii and him go waaaaay back, man.

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where is cxd located next exit

Exit 4: The Hadrosaurus Foulkii is the state dinosaur for New Jersey. What else is near Exit 4?