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Interactive Design

One of the newest trends in marketing and employee training is replacing printed materials with interactive presentations. We seamlessly integrate Flash, Video, Audio and animation to create CD-Roms and applications that are more engaging than a traditional printed campaign.

But, every company isn't ready to throw away their printed materials! We've also created interactive applications that teach the sales force how to use the printed campaign more effectively. Sales simulators help the sales force anticipate questions and know which printed pieces will provide the best answers; helping sales representatives close deals quicker.

An ancient Chinese proverb says: "Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand." This is the theory behind interactive applications. For instance, a game that teaches sales staff about new inventory in stock results in higher information retention than does leafing through a brochure. Better yet, walking a potential sale through an interactive presentation that clearly demonstrates the benefits of the product is much more effective than leaving them with a pile of papers.

Our interactive, educational tools have won us The RX Club Award of Excellence two years in a row and even a Global Recognition award from the same prestigious group. We have helped several companies become recognized for their innovative uses of technology, an honor we don't take lightly.
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