The Pulaski Skyway: Built in 1932, the Pulaski Skyway brings Route 1 to New York City via the Holland Tunnel. Considered the first "Super Highway," it\'s called a skyway because it travels high in the air to avoid interfering with the Passaic River, the Hackensack River and the New Jersey Turnpike. Exit 17A.

Cyber X Designs Sponsors Joomla! Day NYC

From the NJ Web Designers

Dec 04, 2010

Cyber X Designs has sponsored the second annual Joomla! Day NYC event, again underscoring our evangelistic commitment to the open source community. The event was held at the Microsoft offices in NYC, with topics including template development, Joomla! for business, extension coding, and much more. Cyber X Designs was particularly interested in sponsoring this event because we deploy Joomla! for many of our clients. We have a great deal of respect for the elegance of this Content Management System (CMS), as well as insight into the technical implementation of Joomla!.

Joomla! is an award-winning open source solution for websites and web applications needing an easy to use Content Management System that is flexible and extensible. The Joomla! programming framework is one of the most widely adopted open source PHP projects available today, with an active global community and yearly local events and user conferences.

Cyber X Designs deploys Joomla! for our client projects that require a Content Management System. If you would like to learn how Cyber X Designs can enrich your website development project with Joomla!, or if you have a struggling Joomla! project or need help maintaining your Joomla! website, call Cyber X Designs at 201-558-7929 or contact our New Jersey website design agency today.

Exit 131: The lightbulb, phonograph, and motion picture projector were invented by Thomas Edison in his Menlo Park laboratory.