Lucy the Elephant: This 65 foot tall, wooden elephant was built in 1881 by inventor and engineer, James Vincent de Paul Lafferty, Jr. She served as a summer home in 1902 and later as a tavern. She was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1976 and has since been fully restored. Exit 36.

Property Owner's Association of New Jersey gets a new CMS.

From the New Jersey Web Designers

Apr 11, 2007

Cyber X Designs is glad to announce the launch of the revised Property Owners Association of New Jersey website.  CXD replaced the POA's aging static website with the Joomla! content management system.  The POA had been relying on static html and Contribute to manage its content.  This led to lost pages and little content being revealed to the search engines.  Additionally, the POA's message boards (forums) were out of date and lacked features such as email notification of posts.  Cyber X Designs choose Joomla! for the POA for its flexibility and ease of use.  CXD developed a number of custom modules for the POA website.  Within a day or so of launch, the POA staff was making updates to the website.

The Joomla! CMS is an award winning PHP/MySQL open source project.  It won won Best Linux / Open Source Project at UK Linux and Open Source Awards 2006.  CXD has deployed Joomla! for clients like Robin Rolfe Resources, ALTANA, and Nycomed.

The Property Owners Association of New Jersey, Inc. exists to bring together owners and operators of residential real estate, interested persons, and related industry personnel for educational and information sharing purposes. The organization is comprised of owners and managers of apartment units and other individuals who work in fields related to the housing industry.

Cyber X Designs is a NJ Web Design Firm with extensive experience in developing and deploying content management systems.  If your organization realizes the importance of a strong website and is looking for a partner in the development of your web properties, call Hans or Allie at: 201-558-7929.

Exit 4: The Hadrosaurus Foulkii is the state dinosaur for New Jersey. What else is near Exit 4?