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Cyber X Designs Increases Leads for Amalco with Website Update

From the NJ Web Designers

Apr 05, 2012

Amalco is a contract manufacturer of deep drawn and hydroformed metal parts. They are located in Mountainside, NJ. Amalco is a vertically integrated business that offers support throughout the full life cycle of part development. Their in house designers and engineers can help you overcome the most challenging fabrication complexities. Their secondary services which include dip brazing, spot welding, CNC machining, piercing, blanking and forming, painting, anodizing, iriditing, and trimming are performed in house to lower your cost, decrease the complexity involved with multiple vendors, and improve overall quality.

Amalco, like many manufactures, is challenged with a dramatic gap in the language used by customers to describe their desired part and the language used by manufactures to describe their services. People searching for custom fabricated metal parts may not always have a way to effectively verbalize the description of the part. What they really want is to say, “I want a part like this.” The marketing challenge is to satisfy their need and bridge the communication gap.

Cyber X Designs conceptualized and proposed the development of a virtual tour booth. We wanted the visitor to browse and examine a diverse selection of parts and say to himself, “It looks like this one”, just like they would at a tradeshow booth. The goal is to start a conversation between the customer and Amalco around a similar part and establish a common language for the design exploration.

Amalco Gallery Image

Amalco’s deep drawn and hydroformed parts gallery fulfills the goals by delivering a broad range of parts organized by primary operation and industry. Since launching the gallery, Amalco has experienced an uptick in traffic, rank, and leads.

To learn more about our new and exciting design options, contact us today by calling (201) 558-7929 or submitting an online request for design services.

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