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A Customer-Centric Web Site Redesign Makes Finding Channel Manufacturing

From the New Jersey Web Designers

Mar 19, 2012

In the manufacturing industry, companies are known for their products. Yet making potential customers aware of the full range of options can be challenging. Take, for example, Channel Manufacturing, a leading provider of food and material handling equipment. Restaurants, supermarkets, schools, and hospitals throughout the country use Channel Manufacturing's carts, dollies, racks, and shelves every day. Yet, ensuring that online customers can find each specific product – from bun pan racks, to donut racks and pizza pan racks – proved to be a complex problem.

With the goal of strengthening their national presence and making it easier for potential customers to find their products, Channel Manufacturing turned to Cyber X Designs to implement a total, customer-centric, redesign of their Web site.

The Channel Home Page Before:

Channel Manufacturing before website redesign

Crisp, clearly labeled images play a key role in the Web site redesign. While the previous home page focused on the history of the company, the revision relies on images to demonstrate Channel Manufacturing's extensive product lines. From there, customers can navigate deeper into the site to access detailed information about each product and download product spec sheets. The entire catalog is also downloadable as a .PDF file, which allows potential customers to autonomously explore the breadth of Channel Manufacturing's products.

The Channel Home Page After:

Channel Manufacturing website redesign

At Cyber X Designs, discovering each client's specific business needs and goals is a significant part of the redesign process. The design team also offers strategic consulting to help clients extend their reach. For the Channel Manufacturing Web site, this let to the development of clear calls to action, a product gallery, and downloadable materials, with the goal of improving sales while educating target customers.

Hans Kaspersetz, President of Cyber X Designs is excited about the transformation of Channel Manufacturing’s Web site. He said, "We originally proposed a refresh of the existing site, which included resolving many fundamental issues with its implementation. After getting to know Jordan and his business, we discovered that a much larger opportunity existed to help Jordan grow his business through redesigning the website and optimizing it for his sales channel and his customers' browsing habits."

Having already received positive feedback from users, Jordan Klein, President of Channel Manufacturing, is pleased with the results of the recent redesign. He said, "It's a lot easier for customers who know us – as well as customers who aren't yet familiar with our company – to find our products. They can get a lot more information from our Web site now, even before they call us."

He also commented that his experience with Cyber X Designs was a positive one. "The team at Cyber X Designs were pleasant to work with and made the redesign process easy for us."

Whether you're considering a Web site redesign, or you need to establish an initial online presence, the experts at Cyber X Designs will guide you through every step of the process. To learn more, call (201) 558-7929 or request more information about Cyber X Designs' Web site design services.

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