The Pulaski Skyway: Built in 1932, the Pulaski Skyway brings Route 1 to New York City via the Holland Tunnel. Considered the first "Super Highway," it\'s called a skyway because it travels high in the air to avoid interfering with the Passaic River, the Hackensack River and the New Jersey Turnpike. Exit 17A.

Cyber X Designs Launches Nationwide Planning Revitalization Websites

From the New Jersey Web Designers

Nov 04, 2010

Cyber X Designs, an award-winning New Jersey website design company is pleased to announce the launch of 2 new websites for Nationwide Planning Associates LLC, Paramus, NJ, a national full-service financial planning firm and a FINRA-regulated broker-dealer. Both websites: Nationwide Planning Associates, Inc. and Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. are geared specifically for Nationwide Planning's Financial Advisors and their clients.

Nationwide Planning sought help from the team of experts at Cyber X Designs after their web developers failed to complete the project. Cyber X Designs took on the website revitalization project and completed both sites within budget and on time, utilizing Flash, jQuery and Joomla!, to produce a stunning website design with intuitive navigation and valuable information for website visitors.

If you are experiencing problems with your website design project or you need to restart a stalled or abandoned website project, contact Cyber X Designs to discuss how we can help you put your website design project back on the road to success. We've revitalized website design and website development projects for small and medium size businesses since 1999. Our expert team of web designers, web programmers and project managers can bring your website vision to life--on time and on budget.

Contact us for more information about our New Jersey website design services, or call (201) 558-7929.

Exit 13A: New Jersey is a major seaport state with the largest seaport in the U.S. located in Elizabeth. What else is near exit 13A?