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Dranetz New Website Was More Than a Pretty Face

From the NJ Web Designers

Sep 29, 2010

Dranetz, a 50 year old manufacturer of intelligent monitoring solutions for electrical demand and energy & power quality with over 100,000 clients worldwide, undertook a major rebranding effort in 2010. They had recently simplified Dranetz-BMI to Dranetz, and therefore wanted their web site to re-energize their business with intuitive navigation and a fresh look.

Dranetz contracted the New Jersey website design agency Cyber X Designs to redesign and re-architect their 500+ page web site. Dranetz Old Website Before Cyber X Designs RedesignOriginally produced about 10 years ago, Dranetz's web site had grown into an unmanageable collection of content and features across multiple domains, and served as an educational and informational resource for owners of Dranetz equipment. The site was written on outdated technology, had poor navigation, a dated appearance, confusing IA, and was a disappointing user experience.

The site required a complete overhaul to take advantage of current best practices and Web 2.0 principles and technologies. Cyber X Designs began by analyzing the business goals Dranetz New Website Redesigned by Cyber X Designand existing assets, producing an IA and content strategy designed to create an intuitive and enjoyable experience for visitors seeking Dranetz product and support information. Cyber X Designs also provided additional guidance to expand Dranetz goals beyond a pleasing UI; recommending a main goal of generating and converting leads via the website and employing SEO techniques to reach new markets. Cyber X Designs coupled consolidating Dranetz content and significant back links with a polished and professional website design that represented the new Dranetz branding in a stunning and modern light. Within the first week of launch, the site immediately began delivering new leads for engagement opportunities, and accolades from Dranetz Sales Representatives and Distributor networks.

If your corporate web site has grown unmanageable and needs to be wrestled back into shape, Cyber X Designs has the talent and persistence to get it right. Whether 20 pages or 600 pages, our team of design, SEO and content experts will work with you to identify your business goals and design a web site which will help you reach them. For intelligent website design or redesign, contact Cyber X Designs today!

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