The face of Tillie, who once graced the now demolished Palace Amusements in Asbury Park, has been restored on top of The Wonder Bar. This famous bar once boasted of having the longest bar in the world, a claim that has been neither measured nor contested. Exit 102.

Essextec Launches New Website

From the NJ Web Designers

Apr 22, 2008

CXD is proud to announce that the re-designed Essextec website has launched! Essextec, an IBM Premier Business Partner based in Essex County, NJ, approached CXD to redesign their website and deploy it using a content management system.

The Essextec website uses the MODx content management system, which CXD incorporated with a custom user database that allows website users to register with the site and sign up for upcoming events and seminars. Users are also able to access content that is reserved for registered users only.

CXD also incorporated Flash into the new look and feel for the website. The new look maintains Essextec's existing branding, but is more modern and flexible than their old website. Essextec is able to edit and add to their own website.

View the Essextec website

Exit 4: The Hadrosaurus Foulkii is the state dinosaur for New Jersey. What else is near Exit 4?