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Exciting Developments at Google-IO! New Jersey Web Design Company Cyber X Designs Has the Scoop.

From the New Jersey Web Designers

May 20, 2010

During the third week of May 2010 five thousand developers and technologists descended upon San Francisco for the Google-IO conference and Cyber X Designs was there! Google-IO is the most important event concerning Google technologies for developers and programmers. It is where we learn what to expect in the coming year and how to maximize the power of Google’s technologies in our organization’s projects. This year we saw a number of major developments which will impact how we all experience the internet and how we participate in internet based commerce. We have summarized two of the most important technologies HTML5 and Android Application Development.

We see these technologies as two of the most exciting and influential in recent history. In the coming year Cyber X Designs will be focusing on HTML5 and the Android OS Application Development and will provide the technical capabilities to fully leverage these emerging technologies in our client’s projects. If you are interesting in how these technologies will impact your business take a look at our technology features on them.

Cyber X Designs has a multi-year history of working with Google’s technologies to implement innovative solutions for our clients. Two examples are:

  1. Cell Tower Mapping Application developed for Capital Telecom.
  2. KOL Influence Mapping Application which has been deployed for multiple major pharmaceutical companies.

Both of these applications are developed on the Google Maps API and deliver new insights and clarity from significant quantities of data.

Cyber X Designs also has significant experience in the development and implementation of search engine marketing strategies which focus on the Google search engine. Our internet strategist is one of the leading researchers and practitioners in SEO and SEM and received honorable mention as one of the World’s Top 10 SEOs by SEOBook.com.

If you are looking for a trust worthy website design company to deliver performance based search engine marketing strategy or web development, Cyber X Designs may be the right choice for you. We have 10 years of experience making our customers happy and delivering excepti

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