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Inhabitat.com Launches X-Cart Ecommerce Website

From the New Jersey Web Designers

Sep 17, 2008

Cyber X Designs is excited to announce the launch of the new InhabitatShop.com ecommerce website.† InhabitatShop.com is the online store for Inhabitat.com.† Inhabitat is a very successful weblog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.† The Inhabitat.com receives several hundred thousand unique visitors a month.

Cyber X Designs was contacted to complete Inhabitatís X-Cart shopping cart installation and to perform business consulting services.† CXD helped Inhabitat to formulate a realistic technical plan for their business vision.† CXD was able to bring its extensive experience developing online businesses to help Inhabitat understand the complexities and potential pitfalls with their original plan. †

CXD assumed the project from an overseas developer that had:

  • Over promised
  • Mis-understood the business objectives
  • Implemented the wrong technology
  • Became unresponsive.†

CXD was responsible for:

  • Choosing the right technologies
  • Completing the implementation of the templates in X-Cart
  • Customizing the core of the X-Cart
  • Integrating with Inhabitatís merchant service
  • Performing critical maintenance on their weblog at inhabitat.com
  • Performing a host of other technical and consulting tasks.†
Cyber X Designs is glad to be working with Inhabitat on this multi-phase project and is looking forward to continued success.

Cyber X Designs has 5 years experience building X-Cart websites.† Our projects range from off the shelf implementations with minimal customization through the development of custom inventory systems and specialized dynamic graphic generation.† If you have a X-Cart website or would like to build a new online shopping cart or ecommerce website, please contact Hans Kaspersetz at hans@cyberxdesigns.com.

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