The face of Tillie, who once graced the now demolished Palace Amusements in Asbury Park, has been restored on top of The Wonder Bar. This famous bar once boasted of having the longest bar in the world, a claim that has been neither measured nor contested. Exit 102.

Launch of JTeamJazz.com

From the New Jersey Web Designers

Feb 06, 2004

“The Jteam is a jazz band that can burn, get funky, tell a story and swing with the best of ´em.”

Cyber X Designs is proud to announce the launch of JTeamJazz.com.

On the eve of their first CD launch, the Jteam approached CXD to design a website that graphically represented the energy of their music. This innovative group needed a website that would help them make their mark. We echoed the energy of their music with colorful, graphical elements that make a statement.

Exit 135: New Jersey has 108 toxic waste dumps. Which is the most in any one state in the nation. What else is near Exit 135?