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Cyber X Designs Welcomes A New Team Member: Linda Atamian

From the New Jersey Web Designers

Feb 01, 2010

We are pleased to announce the newest member to the Cyber X Designs team, Linda Atamian, our new creative web and graphic designer.

She is a welcome addition to the growing staff at Cyber X Designs and will work closely with Allie Gaddy, co-founder and lead interactive designer. Linda brings over twenty years of experience in design and a decade of web design experience.

She has a strong passion for color, layout, and typography. Linda has experience with a wide range of clients from pharmaceutical companies to service companies to manufactures to retail businesses. Her responsibilities include web design, XHTML/CSS development, brand identity, logo creation, banner and email campaigns, PPT presentations, and all print and advertising.

Linda is passionate about web design and technology. She consistently seeks out new design ideas and best practices to integrate into her work. What impressed Cyber X Designs most about Linda, was her keen ability to develop and demonstrate the initial creative vision, refine it and develop this into an online reality for our clients.

We are extremely confident she will be an outstanding addition to our team and a key contributor to our growth and success.

Exit 131: The lightbulb, phonograph, and motion picture projector were invented by Thomas Edison in his Menlo Park laboratory.