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Magento’s eCommerce Solutions Help Global Businesses Like Nombrarte Thrive

From the New Jersey Web Designers

Jul 08, 2011

Today’s most successful businesses continually look for new ways to make their products and services accessible to a global audience. For example, did you know there’s a company in Mexico that can make your life easier with customized buttons and labels? Each of Nombrarte’s designs can be printed with your child’s name, so you’ll never have to worry about items being left behind at camp or on the playground again. However, the scope of Nombrarte’s customizable options also made it difficult for them to find a scalable eCommerce solution to satisfy their needs, so they turned to Cyber X Deisgns, an award-winning New Jersey website design company, for help.

Recognizing the scope of Nombrarte’s products, we deployed and customized Magento, a feature-rich platform with the flexibility to help business owners customize shopping options. With a user-friendly catalog that allows shoppers to self-select customizations, such as the design, shape, color, and font of their selections, the finished design makes it easier for shoppers to browse and make purchases online. We also integrated image zoom, so that shoppers can see the detailed elements of each product and preview the wide variety of color options. The result is a stunning, custom-made catalog of more than 200 products, including made-to-order buttons, labels, and gift tags, as well as durable zipper tags, stunning wall art, colorful laptop covers, and more.

If you’re looking to grow your global business with a customized web design, multi-lingual eCommerce capabilities, phone tracking, and scalable business solutions, contact Cyber X Designs today. We specialize in solving complex website design challenges, and we recognize the importance of global business growth. Since 1999, we’ve honed our skills in the development of enterprise grade multi-lingual websites and web applications in order to fulfill the needs of businesses all over the world. Whether you need an entire site overhaul, a more reliable eCommerce platform, or help creating a clear, consistent user interface, our expert team of web designers, web programmers, project managers, and copywriters will develop an intuitive website design that meets all your needs.

Contact us today by calling (201) 558-7929 or submitting an online request for web site design services.

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