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The New Version of OnTimeRx.com, the World’s Leading Online Reminder Service, Has Been Launched.

From the NJ Web Designers

Mar 01, 2010

The Latest Version of OnTimeRx.com Reminder Service Was Released on February 28, 2010, Adding Design and Functionality Enhancements to Augment the Ease-of-Use and Business-to-Business Capabilities of the Web Site.

Rochelle Park, NJ March 1, 2010 – Cyber X Designs announces the launch of a new version of the world's leading online medication reminder service OnTimeRx.com. This new platform significantly upgrades the service and streamlines the user experience. Medication Reminders A wide variety of useful reminders can now be more easily created, managed, and delivered by phone, mobile device, e-mail and SMS.

This release dramatically enhances OnTimeRx's business-to-business capabilities.  By providing robust infrastructure that allows the service to be white labeled and integrated with partner web sites, whole new opportunities for expanded markets are possible.

Additionally, OnTimeRx's license management and e-commerce capabilities were redefined and significantly improved.
OnTimeRx.com 2010 is an easy to use web site that is designed for professional and non-professional healthcare providers, casual care givers, as well as concerned and involved family members. It provides a simple and reliable tool for managing medication routines and tracking reminders.  This system enables all users to take an active approach to healthy living and managing medications.

OnTimeRx.com is the latest evolution in the development of medication reminder solutions and services from AmeliaPlex, Inc.  AmeliaPlex has been developing reminder products and services since 1996, and now offers a suite of reminder software products for the following devices and platforms: Palm OS, Blackberry, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, and Windows Desktop.

"I can't begin to tell you how wonderful the OnTimeRx.com phone service is! I can't even imagine how many pills I would have missed if it weren't for these calls. I Absolutely think everyone should know about this." - Kathleen deJoseph, a cancer patient in Connecticut.

AmeliaPlex selected Cyber X Designs as their web application developer in 2005.    Cyber X Designs has been responsible for the development and deployment of 3 versions of the OnTimeRx.com Reminder Platform.  Cyber X Designs is responsible for the deployment and management of AmeliaPlex’s application infrastructure.  In order to meet AmeliaPlex's budget and complex system requirements, Cyber X Designs choose JQuery, PHP, Zend Framework, MySQL, Apache and RedHat to build this robust scalable platform.

To learn more about OnTimeRx or Cyber X Designs, contact Hans Kaspersetz at 201-558-7929

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