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MedPie.com Site Upgrade Launched!

From the New Jersey Web Designers

Oct 09, 2009

Cyber X Designs is pleased to announce the launch of site upgrades for MedPie.com. MedPie.com is an online healthcare magazine run and written by doctors for everyone. MedPie communicated four goals: bring more content to the home page, enhance our site search capabilities, integrate our Twitter feeds and provide an ad management system.

We developed an upgrade plan and executed it on time and within budget. To bring more content to the home page we reorganized the main navigation and redesigned the home page. We created custom modules for their CMS that allow them to draw in content from multiple categories and customize the headers. To enhance their site search capabilities we integrated Google Custom Search. To integrate the Twitter content, we worked with MedPie to identify the most relevant sections of the web site and reorganized the content to feature the Twitter feeds.

To solve the ad management goal we reviewed the available online ad management software and presented multiple options. We worked through the benefits of each and finally selected the solution that provided the most functionality for the lowest possible cost. We integrated the solution and it now delivers ads from their internal inventory and from selected ad networks.

Cyber X Designs is a web design, web programming, digital marketing, SEO and web hosting company located in Northern New Jersey since 1999. We feature a team of talented thinkers including: programmers, visual designers, SEOs, copy writers and IT personnel. If you your web site is floundering or you need a new one developed contact us, we are more than happy to answer your questions and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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