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Cyber X Designs Sponsors NYC BSD Conference

From the New Jersey Web Designers

Sep 17, 2005

Cyber X Designs continues its support of the open source community by sponsoring NYC BSD Con. NYC BSD Con is a BSD conference to be held at Columbia University September 2005. Speakers include: Dru Lavigne, Michael Lucas, Philip Moore, Jason Dixon, Jeffery Hsu, Bruce Momjian and Marshall Kirk McKusick. Topics to be discussed at the conference include: “Enhancements to the Fast Filesystem to Support Multi-Terabyte Storage Systems”, “PostgreseSQL in BSD Land”, “History, Goals, Objectives, and Structure of DragonFLYBSD”, Failover Firewalls with OpenBSD and CARP”, “Practical Enterprise Scalability: Case Studies of Infrastructure Software Deployed in Production”, “Network Management Tools to Make your Boss your Willing Slave”, and “Update on BSD Certification.”

Cyber X Designs deploys FreeBSD 5.4 servers as web servers, mail servers, source control servers and database servers. Cyber X Designs utilizes open source software and products in many of its project and daily operations. We would like to thank the community for the hard work of the developers, testers, release managers, evangelists and people that make this community work.

To learn more about the conference please visit: http://nycbsdcon.org.

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