The face of Tillie, who once graced the now demolished Palace Amusements in Asbury Park, has been restored on top of The Wonder Bar. This famous bar once boasted of having the longest bar in the world, a claim that has been neither measured nor contested. Exit 102.

Hans Kaspersetz Elected Assistant Vice President of Operations for NY PHP

From the New Jersey Web Designers

Jun 08, 2004

New York PHP is the one of the largest user groups in the United States for PHP. NYPHP's primary purpose is the support of the PHP community. NYPHP provides mailing lists, monthly lectures, training, development resources and access to a very skilled group of developers.

As Assistant Vice President, Hans Kaspersetz will be reporting to Chris Hendry, Vice President Operations. Operations is responsible for the coordination of all events and activities. This includes the development of relationships with speakers, vendors, and outside groups. Operations manages the day to day operations of the organization including the web site, hardware and organizational communications.

Exit 131: The lightbulb, phonograph, and motion picture projector were invented by Thomas Edison in his Menlo Park laboratory.