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OnCellRx for Pagers Launches Delivering Medication Alerts

From the NJ Web Designers

Jan 02, 2007

One of our favorite customers, OnCellRx, launched a new service today! AmeliaPlex the parent company of OnCellRx launched OnCellRx for Pagers. OnCellRx can now deliver medication alerts to alphanumeric pagers. So if you have an alphanumeric pager and would like to get scheduled alerts this is the service for you. OnCellRx has a sophisticated scheduling system that allows users to schedule alerts daily, weekly, yearly, by the hour, every other day and a couple of other ways.

The team at CXD has been working with Susan Torrico for more then a year and a half. CXD has developed OnCellRx for Phone and OnCellRx for Email. OnCellRx for Phone delivers medication alerts to phones and cell phones. It uses text-to-speech technology to convert the custom alerts customers enter into audible reminders. OnCellRx for Email delivers custom scheduled alerts to userís email boxes. Whether you use a Treo 650, Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird OnCellRx for Email will work for you and keep you on track with your medications.

The OnCellRx suite of services are developed using PHP and MySQL. They are hosted on FreeBSD with Apache. Cyber X Designs wants to thank Jeff Knight for a consistent and extraordinary effort. Without Jeff none of this would be possible and we are proud to have you on our team!

Every once and a while, actually quite often, Cyber X Designs works with client outside of New Jersey. AmeliaPlex is located in Orlando, Florida. AmeliaPlex, Inc. is a privately owned Florida corporation, founded in 1996 by Susan Torrico, a career pharmacist. The company's sole purpose is creating, developing and marketing simple patient-focused compliance systems that enable users to take medications properly.

OnCellRx can be found at http://www.oncellrx.com

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