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Premiere Release of Case-based Presentation Application

From the NJ Web Designers

Mar 07, 2011

Cyber X Designs in partnership with a key Communication and Medical Education Partner is pleased to announce the premiere release of a new case-based presentation application. The tool provides an innovative approach to driving audience engagement and participation through the on-label customization of data-driven medical presentations through the customization of clinical criteria.

The application was designed to help physician-speakers for a major gastrointestinal drug deliver a more engaging and effective presentation, while also satisfying regulatory compliance requirements. Developed for both Windows® and Mac® platforms, the application is to be deployed in concert with a web portal and an auto-update feature to ensure speakers have the most up-to-date data and presentation. The interface design is modern and inviting, and the application architecture is light-weight, intuitive and easy-to-use.

"Our team of developers and web designers is able to consistently deliver modern interfaces that satisfy the client's business requirements while also providing a satisfying user experience. We specialize in smart, highly-intuitive, visually appealing solutions," said Hans Kaspersetz, owner of Cyber X Designs.

Cyber X Designs has developed applications and interactive presentations for diverse platforms such as Windows, Mac, Tablet PC, Kiosks, iPhone, iPad, and many other mobile devices. We keep in-step with the latest techniques and technology to provide our clients with the latest in cutting-edge design and development.

If your speakers need a new approach to delivering their presentations, Cyber X Designs and its Partner are an ideal choice for your medical content and presentation platform.

Please browse our application development portfolio to review some of our highlighted work, and read what our client's are saying about us. Call us at 201-558-7929 or contact us to discuss your unique application requirements.

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