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Protec Advanced Training Facility Gets a Dive Blog

From the NJ Web Designers

Apr 11, 2009

Scuba divers are taught to keep an accurate log of all their dives.  It helps divers track their progress and plan future dives.  It also solidifies the memories and enhances the experience of traveling.  As you might imagine, a blog is an excellent online solution for achieving the same outcomes.  And if you own a travel related business, a blog can really boost your customer loyalty and retention by including your customers in your company narrative with photos and an excellent write up about their experiences.  Additionally, it serves as a great way to reach potential customers as they search the web for destination and lifestyle related queries.

Realizing the power of blogging in the adventure travel industry, Cyber X Designs has launched a dive blog for the Protec Advanced Training Facility in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  The Wordpress blog offers a low cost medium for Protec to write about their courses, fun diving, and exploration.  And it provides an excellent alternative to the forums and message boards for sharing training tips and dive recommendations.  In addition to providing complete control over the content, it also protects your intellectual property.  One of the major benefits of a self-hosted blog is the authors maintain copyright and control over their content, something that is not afforded by commenting in forums and message boards.

Cyber X Designs builds custom blogs for large and small companies using Wordpress.  If you need a cost effective way to reach your audience and you are interested in blogging for your business or Twittering, call us at: 201-558-7929 or email Hans Kaspersetz at hans@cyberxdesigns.com.

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