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Rand Workman Fine Motor Auction and Luxury Lifestyle Expo is a Big Hit for Marquee Concierge

From the NJ Web Designers

Sep 09, 2005

The inaugural Rand/Workman Fine Motor Auction & Luxury Lifestyle Expo at Manhattan’s West Side Pier 94 on September 9, 10 and 11 offered a chance to bid on a variety of rare classic cars. The accompanying Expo showcased various luxury goods, travel services, and more.

Cyber X Designs' client Marquee Concierge was a major sponsor of the event, providing concierge and VIP services for attendees.

With such a strong presence at the event, it was necessary for Marquee Concierge to have a state-of-the-art booth in the expo area and a notable presence in the VIP area. Cyber X Designs helped Marquee make a statement with a custom designed expo booth featuring six 42-inch plasma screen televisions with custom video footage, leather couches, light boxes and more. In the VIP area, two 42-inch plasma televisions flanked some impressive leather furniture provided by Lamborghini.

The show provided Marquee Concierge an opportunity to introduce their products and services to an elite clientele. The private, invitation-only concierge business helped the event run smoothly and made sure VIPs and attendees were able to have a nice time.

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