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Relevant Times Magazine Website Launches

From the New Jersey Web Designers

Sep 01, 2006

Cyber X Designs is proud to announce the launch of the Relevant Times Magazine Website! Once again, strategically partnered with Purple Ink, one of our favorite PR companies, CXD designed and developed this unique online resource for the LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) market.

Relevant Times, known as an informative, fun and energetic magazine about healthy and sustainable living, published from 1991 - 1994 in the New York Metro region, is making a comeback.

After a 12-year sabbatical, an updated version of Relevant Times is due to hit the streets again in November of 2006. The quality editorial content along with its creative layout _ once the resource for a scattered community of people looking for products and services relating to a healthier lifestyle _ will now stand alongside an interactive website that will complement the freshly redesigned printed edition.

The magazine's founder and publisher, Megan McWilliams, of Boonton Township, NJ, left the publishing industry in 1994 to make a break into the corporate and non-profit realms of marketing and public relations. She ultimately created Purple Ink (www.purpleink.com), a successful and creative marketing and public relations agency.

McWilliams and an extraordinary group of dedicated professionals who feel that they represent their readership's demographic, are resurrecting Relevant Times as a renewed venue for the huge and fast-growing LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) market.

The publication's primary target readership is the everyday consumer who is interested in embracing the trend of sustainable living, i.e., meeting the needs of this generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

"This market has come a long way since we launched our 'grass roots' effort 15 years ago. People loved what we were doing then and were sad to see us go. Now, the once small group of early adopters is no longer hidden among the fringes. It is firmly planted in the mainstream. When companies like Pepperidge Farm and Ford are looking to reach people like us, you know we have arrived as a serious consumer marketplace," McWilliams said.

The approximately 60-page glossy (but recycled, non-chlorine processed, using soy-based inks), full-color magazine will be an upgrade from the last printing in 1994 (print prototype can be viewed on the website). Relevant Times' first printing will be distributed widely in the New York Metro area, including: northern New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, parts of southern New York State, southern Connecticut, and eastern Pennsylvania.

The printed version of Relevant Times also will include Marketplace and Resource Directory, a resource and reference guide for readers to find products and various types of professionals. The website will have a thorough and up-to-date Resource Directory as well as regional Events Calendar.

"One of the biggest differences will be our use of the Internet. We have only just launched the first phase of the website and we are already having a tremendous response from our advertisers and supporters. The website's primary goal is to provide a quick and easy resource guide for the region, which will support our readers and our advertisers," stated McWilliams.

To see the website go to www.relevanttimes.com.

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