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Seal-Spout Launches a Website Redesign, Complete With YouTube Videos

From the New Jersey Web Designers

Jun 12, 2011

Have you ever noticed how many products in your home can be poured using a pour spout inserted right into the packaging? Seal-Spout is the company that makes those pour spouts. Their spout insertion machines have been in operation for more than 65 years, and they revolutionized the process of pouring dry products. In fact, you probably have multiple examples of Seal-Spout's FDA-approved metal, plastic, and paper spouts in your pantry right now, from a cylinder of salt, to packages of powdered dish detergent and baby cereal.

Like many successful businesses, Seal-Spout recognized the need to redesign their website in order to fully leverage new technologies and satisfy user expectations. While older websites may have been successful for a time, the internet is a dynamic, highly competitive environment and savvy business owners must continually reexamine their web presence in order to remain competitive.

In the case of Seal-Spout, Cyber X Designs performed an SEO-ready redesign, maximizing Seal-Spout’s ability to compete in universal search through a YouTube channel of Seal-Spout videos with the goal of providing online, visual sales support. In addition, Cyber X Designs developed a lead generation strategy to help Seal-Spout capture sales inquiries and requests for more information.

If you’re looking to grow your business with an up-to-date website that will capture leads, share videos, and generate new business, Cyber X Designs is the award-winning New Jersey website design company to call. With more than ten years of experience building intuitive websites to meet the needs of our clients and their customers, our team of expert web designers, web programmers, project managers, and copywriters can solve all your website design and user-interface challenges. Whether you’re an established brand like Seal-Spout, or you’re just beginning to create an online presence, we offer comprehensive website design packages, along with SEO consulting and social media consulting services.

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