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The Seaport Dinerís Website Attracts New Customers

From the NJ Web Designers

Aug 15, 2011

New Jersey is famous for its diners, like the Seaport Diner in Keyport. Located in the Raritan Bayshore area, itís been a customer favorite for decades. From their generous breakfast platters, to their fresh, juicy burgers and delicious dinner specials, local patrons have long recognized the exceptional value of the food, as well as the service.

Unfortunately, what the restaurant lacked was a definitive web presence. To remedy the problem, Cyber X Designs, an award-winning New Jersey website design company, was asked to create a website that reflects the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere of the diner while conveying important information and highlighting menu favorites.

Launching the website in less than two weeks, our team of expert website designers constructed a unique, custom design that is visually appealing and incorporates a sampling of menu favorites, along with several customer reviews, Google maps integration, hours of operation, and more.

Many longtime businesses, like the Seaport Diner, are hesitant to launch new websites for fear of the cost. Yet, incomplete, outdated, or poorly constructed websites cost these small businesses money every day in the loss of new customers. In the case of the Seaport Diner, the low cost of the website will pay for itself through the influx of customers who are now able to find the diner online.

If youíre a small business owner looking to create a consistent online presence to attract new customers, our team can help. Cyber X Designs creates unique, custom designed websites with value-added services, including copywriting and SEO consulting. Give us a call today at (201) 558-7929 or submit an online request for website design services to learn more about how we can help your business succeed in todayís competitive environment.

Exit 4: The Hadrosaurus Foulkii is the state dinosaur for New Jersey. What else is near Exit 4?