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Speaker Bureau Management v.2011 Software Release

From the New Jersey Web Designers

Mar 04, 2011

Cyber X Designs in partnership with a key Communication and Medical Education Partner is pleased to announce the 2011 version release of the Speaker Bureau Management web application. The web application provides a convenient portal across US regions and time zones, for scheduling, tracking and management of more than thousand speaker programs each year and is capable of handling multiple brands.

Cyber X Designs works in collaboration with our Partner to update the Speaker Bureau Management software annually; providing new features based on user feedback, new management and/or compliance requirements, as well as improvements in efficiency and productivity. The software provides web access to over hundreds of national field sales representatives and managers with complex scheduling and tracking of more than 300 speakers, across more than a thousand events each year. The application supports sophisticated reporting, regulatory compliance, and program oversight capabilities.

“Our strategy is to function like 'a Partner team member' so we gain practical insight and ultimately deliver real-world value through our application development,” said Hans Kaspersetz, owner of Cyber X Designs. “When we execute a successful version release – on time and within budget – we celebrate right alongside our Partner! As you might imagine, Cyber X Designs must keep our Partner's name confidential, but if you are in the industry, you'll understand.”

If your company has a need to manage or schedule events and personnel across the state or around the globe, give us a call at 201-558-7929. Cyber X Designs and its Partner can deliver a professional web platform and professional management services of your speaker programs.

Cyber X Designs has developed a range of KOL and Expert management platforms over the past seven year. Our suite of platforms include: KOL Spheres of Influence Mapping, Speakers Program Management, KOL Resources Tracking Databases and Speakers Bureau Portals. Our broad range of brand experience and product life cycle experience means that we can build optimal solution for your brand. Please review our application development portfolio, and contact us today for a customized quote.

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