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President of Cyber X Designs Speaks About Web Security for Small Businesses

From the NJ Web Designers

Dec 08, 2011

Every business with an online presence needs to be concerned about web security, and property owners are no exception. That’s why the Property Owners Association of New Jersey invited Hans Kaspersetz, President of Cyber X Designs, to speak about Web Security for Small Businesses at their December 2011 meeting.

Mr. Kaspersetz provided participants with a framework for understanding their security needs, from why hackers are motivated to go after small businesses, to how they implement attacks and how business owners can protect themselves.

Kelly Voicheck, Executive Director of the Property Owners Association of New Jersey, recognizes business owners’ desire for security recommendations that are clear and actionable. “Hans really gave a nuts and bolts explanation of internet security,” she said. “Some of our members had never really considered anything but the loss of revenue before, and Hans brought to light some of the legal and other ramifications of ignoring security risks, including the loss of reputation and the loss to your brand that happens when your web security is compromised. He also shared some really simple things our members can do to alleviate some of that risk.”

For example, many business owners are vulnerable to password security threats without even realizing it. Mr. Kaspersetz shared a list of commonly-used passwords – including variations on the word password – and pointed out that the fastest known password cracker is able to decipher 76.1 billion passwords per second. To protect themselves, business owners need to implement complex, distinct passwords for each account, and change them regularly.

Mr. Kaspersetz also stressed the importance of backing up data on a regular basis. To fully ensure reliability, business owners should verify those backups by restoring them in a test environment to be sure they’re working properly. Business owners who rely on third-party companies to backup their computers should request copies of the backups on a regular basis. Additionally, Mr. Kaspersetz advised participants to store their data in geographically diverse locations, particularly in light of the numerous natural disasters that have taken place around the country this year.

Another vital aspect of web security is establishing an effective disaster recovery plan. As Mr. Kaspersetz explained, “It’s not enough to have a plan – that plan must also be documented and accessible in the event of an emergency.” Business owners working with reputable web hosting companies should speak with their service providers about drafting such a plan.

As Executive Director, Ms. Voicheck recognizes how important sound web security counsel really is. “As a long standing member of the New Jersey Property Owners Association, and a as member of our board, Hans’ insight is invaluable to us. He’s counseled us on how to build a brand, as well as how to alleviate some of our security concerns, so we know first-hand how valuable this information will be to our members.”

While concluding his presentation, Mr. Kaspersetz cautioned business owners that “Free isn’t always inexpensive.” The cost of not protecting yourself, or relying on non-secure technologies, is often far greater than the cost of taking proactive steps to ensure proper web security for your business.

Mr. Kaspersetz is available to give presentations on internet marketing, web development, and web security. To inquire about availability, or learn more about how to protect your small business, contact Cyber X Designs at (201) 558-7929.

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