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Ross O'Shea

Creative Director

Ross O'Shea serves as the Creative Director of Cyber X Designs. In this role, he helps clients develop clear, focused strategies for constructing intuitive user interfaces that enhance the end user's experience while also meeting the client's needs.

Toward that goal, Ross prompts clients to articulate and define their brand strategy, which he then applies to the design. As Ross explains, "Our interactive work has to be productive for the client, not just visually appealing. Design and layout should always be guided by the goals we want to achieve."

The secret to Ross' success with clients is in the questions he presents. "Better questions lead to better answers," he explains. "It's about giving clients what they want, while also directing them to what they need."

Identifying each client's expressed and emergent needs enables Ross to best advise them about additional opportunities within their niche, including the use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and FourSquare. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Ross brings a strong problem-solving mindset to each project and aims to address each client's concerns while simultaneously forecasting their future needs.

Ross is an official social media contributor for the New Jersey Devils' Mission Control, which is the organization's social media monitoring initiative. In this role — which the organization refers to as being a "general" in the Devil's army — Ross integrates blogging, Facebook, and Twitter promotions for the team. He also writes his own blog for post-graduate and young designers, called Generation Interactive.

Prior to joining Cyber X Designs, Ross served as Interactive Art Director for Ogilvy Commonwealth Worldwide and worked with clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Merk, Bristol-Meyers Squib, Allergen, and Astra Zeneca. Ross also earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Rowan University, where he specialized in Graphic Design.