The Pulaski Skyway: Built in 1932, the Pulaski Skyway brings Route 1 to New York City via the Holland Tunnel. Considered the first "Super Highway," it\'s called a skyway because it travels high in the air to avoid interfering with the Passaic River, the Hackensack River and the New Jersey Turnpike. Exit 17A.

Web Design

We don't take the term “web presence“ lightly. With an ever-expanding and over populated digital web (where most locales aren't worth visiting) we excel at designing sites that provoke return visits. We do our best to get inside our clients' heads to meet their demands, and the demands of their markets. Our design team goes to great lengths to ensure that all our designs are as visually appealing as they are user friendly.

But what good is a beautifully designed website if it doesn't do everything you need it to do? Our programming staff consists of several of the core members of the NYPHP society, a non-profit PHP user group that seeks to extend web functionality and ease local administration. What does this mean for you? It means that we develop websites with sophisticated and powerful AMP Technology (Apache/MySQL/PHP).

We create custom content management systems based on open source technologies. We can easily incorporate existing databases or help you build one from scratch. Using Mambo as a base, we are able to rapidly develop web applications that suit your needs. From user forums, event calendaring, and project management, to stock inventory, e-learning and more, you name it and our developers can make it happen.

What's more, our designers understand code structure, whether it be HTML, XHTML, XML, PHP, CSS, you name it, so we design with the foresight of how a website needs to be structured to complement each technology.

When you choose Cyber X Designs, you choose a well-orchestrated group who doesn't separate design from technology. The end result is a powerful, attractive tool that your company will be proud to have as part of its business identity and processes.
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