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A la Carte Web Hosting Plans

With so many web site hosting companies and so many plans out there, it can be difficult to choose the hosting service that is right for your website. Some hosting companies offer plans with too few services and others offer services you’ll never use, but you’re still paying for!

The solution is a la carte web hosting. Cyber X Designs, the NJ web design company, offers the same great services the other hosting companies do, but we work with you, personally, to determine exactly which services you need and which ones you don’t. This way you’re only paying for what you need and not all the other bells and whistles!

What’s more, when you call customer service, you actually reach a human being! In fact, we don’t even have an automated answering system; we physically answer the phone. That’s more than most hosting companies can offer. If the server has to go down for maintenance or any other reason, we notify you.

If you’re curious about a la carte web hosting rates, call us. We work out individualized rates based on the services you require.

Dedicated Servers

For more security, bandwidth and disc space, we offer fully managed dedicated servers. Your site will be secure on its own machine. The facility that houses our servers requires retinal scanning for entry and has redundant electricity, so your information is safe and virtually never off line.

Dedicated servers are important for businesses that serve a lot of content or have special security constraints, like banks, universities, pharmaceutical companies, etc. We provide the server and maintain it. We will gladly work with your technical administrator to determine the settings that work best for your content. We also allow your admin full access to the server and server logs.

Disk Space 1000-4000 Mb
Data Transfer (Gb/mo.) 25-35 Gb
Your Own Domain checkmark
Online Site Builder checkmark
CGI-Bin Support checkmark
Backup of the user's data checkmark
POP3 Email Accounts checkmark
Outgoing SMTP checkmark
Email Autoresponders checkmark
Email Forwarders checkmark
Web-based Email checkmark
Mailing Lists checkmark
Anti Spam Features checkmark
Additional Domains checkmark
Parked Domains checkmark
Sub-domains checkmark
FTP Accounts checkmark
Perl checkmark
PHP checkmark
Python checkmark
MySQL Databases checkmark
Server Side Includes (SSI) checkmark
Password Protected Directories checkmark
CPanel Control Panel checkmark
Support for .htaccess checkmark
Cron Job Support checkmark
PhpMyAdmin installed checkmark
Custom MIME Settings checkmark
Access to Raw Logs checkmark
Access to Error Logs checkmark
Webalizer Site Statistics and Awstats checkmark
Sendmail Support checkmark
Customizable Error Pages checkmark
Dedicated IP checkmark
SSL Support checkmark